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Different Parent, Different Rules: Does it work?

Do you and your partner have different rules for each other’s children?

Some couples manage to negotiate and eventually agree on rules/expectations and consequences with their partner however many find this very difficult to say the least. Here’s what one couple has done in this case:

“Due to the fact that our parenting styles differ vastly, I’m strict and my husband is very lenient, we have had to decide to discipline separately. While we will discuss the discipline ultimately the bio parent will discipline the bio child. This has freed us to appreciate each other and love one another with our differences.”

Sometimes parents have one set of rules for their own children while their partner’s children have another.

For example, your children might be allowed on their phone or devices for two hours each day while your partner’s children can spend as much time as they like - day and night!

If you have tried this approach, would recommend it to others?

Please respond below and share what you've found works to help others.

Warm wishes

Adele Cornish

p.s. You can remain anonymous if you prefer! Scroll down to comment.

p.p.s. For specific information on how to negotiate discipline issues, please CLICK HERE


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