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Surviving the 'One Sided Relationship' Feeling

It's not much fun living in a relationship that feels completely one sided particularly if you're the one left out in the cold...

In my last tip we looked at what you can do if you feel like you’re living in a one sided relationship. Today I want to hear from you!

Have there been times when you’ve felt like you’re the only one putting all the effort in? How have you worked through this?


Perhaps you’ve been on the other side and your partner’s complained they need you to do more? How did that make you feel and what did it take to get you working as a team?

What’s your experience?

If you have worked through these issues I'd love you to offer some hope and encouragement to others who are struggling.

Please respond below, you can remain anonymous if you prefer :-)

Kind regards


p.s. People find Blogs are a great way of both receiving and offering support and advice to each other. It only takes a moment to respond. Here's your chance to help others out.

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