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Essential information for every blended family with teens

Have noticed you also noticed your teen or step teen will often believe their own faults should be overlooked?


Parents must keep their teen accountable for their actions.  A parent has the ultimate responsibility to help their teen learn to control their impulses, but it’s certainly not easy.

If you’re having real problems with your teen or step teen’s behavior, discuss respectfully with them your expectations and consequences (Battling, Bending or Blending with Teenagers!  as seen below has a whole section on this).  Avoid getting into an argument or debate.  Model self control, remembering your teen’s experiences during this time in their life will impact on how well adjusted they become as adults.

It’s particularly important to keep the lines of communication open with teens in a blended family.

Teenagers can be quiet challenging when it comes to conversing in a respectful manner.  Both parents and stepparents can be tempted to take their teenager’s disrespectful attitude personally but it often comes with the territory. It’s therefore important that you have a planned approach on how to encourage considerate conversation.  If problems go unaddressed, they can compound causing a breakdown of relationships with their parent and/or stepparent.

Here’s some great resources guaranteed to help you!


Battling, Bending or Blending with Teenagers!

By Adele Cornish

In this great eBook you’ll receive essential information on blending with teens and how to help them through turbulent times. Your child’s experience through the teenage years affects how well adjusted they become as  adults. Your teen must find their own identity and learn to manage their emotions and impulses as their hormones surge. Often described as the ‘rebellious years’, some toughest challenges you may face are covered here. Get access now to skills and strategies that will make your journey through the teen years much smoother! Price NZ$15.95

REQUIRED reading for parents of teenagers!

If you really want to stay on top of things, you’ll also need a copy of:


Step Family Life: Help your children survive and thrive

In this eBook manual you’ll receive an overview of the commonly recommended skills and traits to encourage in your children/stepchildren. This is your chance to learn how to train them to make good decisions for their life and become responsible, respectful and independent adults. You’ll learn how to build your family into a supportive team plus much more.  Price NZ$17.95


Here’s just an example of some of the things you’ll discover:

  • How to Help Children Identify and Express Feelings

  • Help your Child to Form Positive Relationships

  • Sibling Rivalry: Achieve harmonious relationships in your family

  • How to help Children through Change

  • Understanding the only child

  • How to help children of divorce to heal

  • Is a new baby right for your family?

  • Family Meetings: How they can transform your family

  • Values: How to pass them on

  • Family traditions: Why you need them

  • Giving Back: How to create considerate children

  • How to teach optimism

  • Developmental stages your step family will progress through

  • Keys to blending successfully


Equip your blended family for success with:

Teenagers! (eBook)                               $15.95

Step Family Life (eBook)                      $17.95

TOTAL                                                NZ$33.90


For the very first time you can have both of these for ONLY NZ$27.90

(approx USD$20)

Take advantage of this opportunity now!  Order now and I’ll email your copies directly to you.

Wishing you and your blended family every success.


Kindest regards

Adele x


p.s. This offer will only be available for a very short time and I don’t want you to miss out so order here:

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