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Helping Children Adjust to Step-family Life





Important points for every step family with children to remember:

  • Children still need quality individual time with their biological parent to affirm this primary relationship.  Stepparents, support your partner/spouse with this.

  • Have a regular routine for access visits with clear guidance on when, where and how things will happen.  This lets children know what to anticipate and helps avoid guilt driven “Disneyland parenting”.

  • Make time to talk with your children.  Discuss the changes they’ve gone through and help them put their feelings or worries into words.  Provide verbal reassurance of your ongoing commitment to them.


When children (and adults) have gone through the pain of death or divorce in their family of origin, we can expect it to cause some problems in our blended family.

Adele Cornish

Author, Presenter

& Relationship Coach

Children Playing

Don’t make the mistake of thinking  just because it’s been a couple of years since your separation or divorce that your children should be over it. 


Children can take many years to come to terms with the turmoil they have gone through.  It’s not uncommon for them to want their parents back together even if one or both parents have since remarried.  Children of divorce are over represented in some negative statistics,


Children who are guided in the context of a supportive and stable environment, be it single parent or blended family, have just as much opportunity to become well adjusted adults as their counterparts.

It is within the context of our family that we learn social skills. We take these into the world and these skills to a large extent determine how successful we become as adults.

Do you want to raise the children in your blended family into responsible and respectful adults and turn your blended family into a supportive team?

Sometimes in the mist of our blended family challenges, we can get so caught up with the conflicts that we loose sight of our goal as a parent of raising our children step/children into healthy independent adults, while enjoying the process along the way! 


To save you time I have spent hours researching the best possible resources available for your blended family and children in particular to help you succeed at your goals,  Click Here for my resource Step Family Life: Help your children survive and thrive!

Be encouraged, blending does require time and effort but with some planning and sensitivity around key issues, can bring you and your family much joy and fulfillment.


Warm regards

Adele Cornish 
Blended Family Author, Presenter and Relationship Coach 


p.s. Perhaps you'd just like the opportunity to talk your experience through with someone who understands your pain, supports you to heal and gives you direction and focus.  I'm here to help.  Why not book a coaching session. You'll find more details when you Click Here Now. 

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