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I know from personal experience how tough your blended family challenges can be.

I also know you can enjoy a positive, healthy and vibrant step family life!


Grab a copy of my book now to help you on your journey.


Blended Family Success: Practical Solutions to Step Family Challenges


Here are just some of the many skills you will receive when you order a copy:

* How to get you thoughts and feelings across without nagging

* How to get everyone on board with house rules and expectations

* How to prioritize you life so everyone’s needs can be met

* How to talk through issues without becoming defensive

* How to create a respectful and supportive atmosphere

If you live within New Zealand, you can purchase a copy for $27 including postage.

“It is very useful information to help in this transition with my girlfriend and her son. It’s been a little rocky to say the least, and the advice given helped us out immensely. I can sit down and not feel neglected, and actually talk about things with my girlfriend regarding her son’s words or actions. I can convey to her how I feel and she takes that to heart and really tries to make it work. Thank you for guidance!!” Benjamin Garcia, Jr.

Alternatively check out how I can work with you personally via my Coaching Program 


Take it from one who knows from firsthand experience in a blended family; you will not experience positive change unless you make it happen. Allow me to share with you what I and many others have learnt are the keys to success.

The path you choose today will influence you family’s destiny. Invest in your family’s future today. I look forward to working with you!


Warmest wishes

Adele Cornish

BSW, Blended Family Presenter, Author and Relationship Coach

p.s. Are you Preparing to Blend and haven't moved into together yet? Check out this resource Here

Get your blended family on track for success!

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