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How to get along with your stepchildren

It's not uncommon for stepparents to struggle to like (let alone love) their stepchildren and over the years I've had many share this with me.

Stepparents going through this difficult stage need encouragement from those who have lived through it and reaped the rewards.

The thing is, it’s easy to focus on a problem and allow it to become all consuming at the expense of your couple relationship. In other words you find the kids so difficult that at this point you just want to escape it all. You’re prepared to quit and sacrifice the long-term well being of your couple relationship because of the children.

There’s a saying that goes ‘You will never possess what you’re unwilling to pursue.’

If you want to enjoy great relationships you have to push on through the tough stages and pursue them. Some of you have done this so here’s your chance to share how you got through the issue of not wanting or liking your stepchildren.

Please let these stepparents see that it is possible!

Warmest wishes

Adele Cornish BSW

Blended Family Author, Presenter and Relationship Coach

p.s. Remember you can keep your response anonymous if you wish.

p.p.s. If you would like professional guidance and support on how to get through this difficult issue, please Click Here

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09 dic 2021

When my husband and I married he had two kids aged 1 1/2 and 4. I had one aged 11. His kids loved me and I loved them. My husband had done most everything for and with the kids before the divorce. The ex-wife was pretty vulgar and vindictive. She was jealous that the kids liked me so much. Eventually she signed papers to make us the custodial parent and flew off the handle. She didn’t come see the kids when she was supposed to. The kids were hurt badly and wanted their mothers love desperately. She finally found a new man and started being a parent again. The kids went to visit her regularly again. Because she wanted them…

Me gusta

09 dic 2021

The following was a comment I received from Bonny on an old blog of mine in relation to this topic:

When I decided to marry my husband I also decided to take on two boys. A five and eight year old (now seven and ten). I have no children of my own. This is my story… Parenting came like a flash flood into my life. Although I had experience with kids nothing could prepare me for a 24/7 parenting life.There were moments when I thought to myself, “….did I just take a bigger bite than I could chew?” I was choking. Background: Their biological mother had never given them any kind of discipline or introduced them to the healthy world of chores. This…

Me gusta
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