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Blending After the Death of a Parent

When a parent re-partners, their excitement in finding someone new can take the focus off the loss they have gone through. The new relationship provides a fresh opportunity to experience happiness once again in the context of a family environment albeit this time, a blended family. Children on the other hand, seldom experience the same level of anticipation and excitement, in fact sometimes the complete opposite! While their parent is going though the 'honeymoon' stage of a new relationship where sparks fly and thoughts of their new loved one are filled with hope and delight, a child may still be deeply missing and grieving the deceased parent.

Here the focus is on those who have re-partnered with children after the death of a wife, husband or partner.

Contribute your experience here or learn from the experiences of other parents whose husband/wife or partner has died.

Warmest regards

Adele Cornish

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