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Perhaps blending tougher than you thought...

If so, you're not alone.  My name is Adele Cornish and I know from personal experience in a stepfamily (twenty seven years to be exact), the challenges you face each day.  I also know just how difficult it is to find good practical answers to these dilemmas.

Equipped with my social work background and a vision to help you succeed, I have devoted years to extensively researching and addressing the unique issues step families wrestle with.

I’ve used this knowledge and my experience to develop a programme and resources that have benefited thousands of couples worldwide, equipping them to overcome the common obstacles to blended family success. 


I also offer free regular email tips with skills and strategies to enable your blended family to succeed.

Did you Know...

There are unique dynamics in a step family that differ to a first family.

Within your stepfamily are smaller family units based on blood ties.  When a family is under pressure, it can divide in the middle, down biological lines.


Blending is about creating an environment in which step relationships can develop and family members needs be met.

Here’s an example of how my free regular tips can help you:


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Statistics tell us that well over 60% of blended families fail, most within the first few years.


Blended families often find themselves thrust into destructive and high levels of conflict. When two families

combine most experience headache and heartache because they have never been told the skills and

strategies they need to make their blended family work.


Blended families have a unique set of dynamics. I understand these dynamics and want to give you advice

that is specific to your family’s struggles.

Learn how to make your family succeed...


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“Thank you for the encouragement and right words at the right time. Thank you for what you do and for sharing it with us… you may not know but you are making a huge impact on me and my family. Your words and advice is priceless.” Vicki Robinson

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