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Preparing to Blend: Part 2

Read on for more advice on preparing to blend families or remarriage:

  • Encourage children to express their emotions towards blending; do not be surprised if they react badly. For some children, blending may signify the end of hope they hold for their parents to get back together or they may fear their parent will not want them around if they remarry.

  • Children may feel the stepparent is a threat to their relationship with their biological parent; continually reassure the children of your love

  • Tell the children the stepparent is another person who will care for and support them; they will gain, not loose

  • Encourage children to ask questions- often it is very practical matters that worry them

  • Stepparent should begin building the relationship with the children as a friend

  • As a couple set rules, consequences and chores and expectations for your new home together

Studies show couples who receive step family education are better equipped to overcome the common hurdles and find the blending process much smoother.

Sound pre marriage or pre blending preparation is a key in avoiding the pitfalls that accompany blended families. Unfortunately the divorce rate is higher for second marriages than it is for the first. 


Before making a lifelong or live together commitment, it is crucial that you take time to really know your partner and make sure this relationship is right for you and the children involved. The last thing you want to do is put yourself or any children through the devastation of a failed relationship.

How well do you really know your partner?

'Before You Blend’ includes a comprehensive range of questions and discussion points specifically designed to help you know and understand each other.


If you are anticipating marriage or living together, this eBook will provide you with essential guidelines to consider before you commit. If you work through the discussion points, you will have a much higher chance of surviving successfully. Here’s an example of the topics in 'Before You Blend':

  1. How Your Expectations will Influence Your Success

  2. Children: Does your relationship meet their needs?

  3. Love: What does it mean?

  4. How well do You Know & Understand Your Partner?

  5. Conflict and Compromising: It will make or break your relationship

  6. How Emotionally Healthy Are You?

  7. Commitment: Will you stay together for as long as you live or love?


It is possible to have a great, successful blended family.  Give your relationship the best chance for success!

‘Before You Blend’ retails for NZ$19.95

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New Beginnings 

A special eBook looking at the pain your blended family has evolved out of (death or divorce).
Learn how to let go of baggage from previous relationships so your current family can flourish.


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