Would you like to see positive changes in your step family? 

Seemingly impossible family situations and relationships can be worked through with experienced

coaching that offers you valuable insights, solutions and guidance

I’m Adele Cornish and I want to work with you personally to help you overcome your step family

challenges.  I’ll give you advice and support to help you build positive relationships and create harmony

in your home.

For 27 years I have been a step mother and I've spent many years supporting step families and

researching what makes them thrive (or not).  I have facilitated workshops and seminars for couples,

provided professional development courses to those working with stepfamilies, coached couples

privately to overcome stepfamily challenges, written books, manuals and articles and have appeared

on national television and radio many times speaking about step family issues and complexities.  

Having experienced the difficulties of blending first hand I can tell you it is worth it and your journey can be made MUCH smoother if you're well equipped with the right advice, skills and strategies.  

Do you really want change in your step family?

Are there issues which you just can't move past?

You are not alone… step families by their very nature are complex.  You will have issues that cause conflict and obstacles. 

Often it takes someone with a fresh perspective to give you a clear direction for the way ahead!  In response to repeated requests from individuals for personalised coaching to help them with these issues, I have developed the Blending Lives Coaching Programme to assist you to succeed.  

We will work together to turn blended family challenges into victories

My Blending Lives Coaching Program is goal orientated and action-focused to enable positive and immediate change in your family.  Coaching is via phone and gives you the opportunity to discuss the issues you're facing and receive advice, support, accountability and direction for the way ahead.  You and your partner can take part together or you can receive coaching on your own.

Coaching via phone is a fast and effective way to get the help you want right now.  It is incredibly convenient and very cost effective.  No driving to appointments, stressing to find a park or sitting in a waiting room... 

Here's how it works...

Upon completion of payment I will email you directly to set up a time that is suitable for you to make contact (anytime within the next two months).  You'll also fill in a form giving me some brief background details enabling you to maximise your coaching time.  

If you'd like a follow-up after your first session,  I'll send you a link to set up subsequent sessions so you can access these when you are ready.

First One Hour Coaching Session                            NZD$90  (approx USD $55)




Subsequent Coaching Sessions                                NZD$80 each (approx USD$49)


For assistance with specific issues, please check out how my Blended Family Success Coaching Programme can help you.

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I look forward to assisting you on your journey!

Kind regards

Adele Cornish BSW

Blended Family Author, Presenter and Relationship Coach 


Adele Cornish

Author, Presenter

International Blended Family Advisor & Relationship Coach

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